Faith Hochberg cannot remember a time in her life when she did not use color to create. An experience as simple and mundane as a ride down the road is for her a kaleidescope of colorful images and shapes.

The unique beauty of the Litchfield Hills in the Berkshires has inspired her to paint with renewed spirit. She has been a resident of Lakeville since 1990, and scenes of the surronding countryside are often captured in her work. Her primary interest is in taking nature's colors and exploring them to their limits of expressive beauty.

Ms. Hochberg paints most often in oil and watercolor, and she has recently begun to create works in the traditional method of Byzantine mosaics. In her early years, Ms. Hochberg studied with members of the artists' group in Nutley, New Jersey. More recently, she has also studied landscape painting in oils at the New Jersey Center for Visual Arts and with Luciana Notturni of Ravenna, Italy. Her works hang in private collections in Washington D.C., Philadephia, Atlanta, Charleston, Alabama and in New England and the metropolitan New York area.

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